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Israel. Milk, Honey & Venture Capital


Milk, Honey & Venture CapitalIsrael, land of milk and honey

By Dr. Gideon Tolkowsky

High-tech entrepreneurship and venture capital have flourished well beyond the country's relative size.

Reasons include:

Israel has very little natural resources and, historically has been forced to build its economy on knowledge-based industries. Since its inception Israel has been constantly threatened and often attacked by its Arab neighbors. This has forced Israel to build a sophisticated and strong defense infrastructure which is very much founded on advanced technology and science. In fact many of Israel's high tech start ups and venture funds have been spearheaded by people who had gotten their technical education, experience and general motivational thrust, in the defense community.

Education and learning are very basic values of Jewish culture and tradition and of Jewish family values.

Israeli society is very  mobile, Any person can  easily migrate up the social ladder,  Young people of any social origin are therefore encouraged to become entrepreneurs even at the risk of failure, failure does not condemn them forever , as is the case in many socially rigid societies such as certain European ones.

Israeli institutions of high learning are ranked on a global scale, particularly in science and engineering.

There exist a substantial Israeli  community within some of the world's centers of science and technology, such as Silicon Valley, Some of America's leading universities and at some of its large technology corporations that are global leaders in their respective markets. This community, by interacting with Israeli society, has brought to Israel much of their knowledge, experience and success stories as generated in America, thus inspiring Israeli entrepreneurs.

Large American technology companies have opened R&D centers and marketing and sales centers in Israel. This way, they have taught an entire generation of young Israelis how to manage technology industry.