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There are many factors leading to Israel's excellence in technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital. Israel is surrounded by hostile countries, it has little natural resources including water. It’s economy has to sustain itself almost exclusively on science and cutting edge technologies. In addition, as it’s national security depends on it, Israel must maintain a most advanced defence force, also technology based. Consequently, affecting both civilian industries and  leadership qualities of young people. In this section you may find a selection of articles, written by Dr. Gideon Tolkowsky, regarding Israeli venture capital and technology entrepreneurship in Israel. These writings, may assist you in deciding whether and how to approach the Israeli market.  

Start-ups in Israel
Auditing a Technology-Based Startup - This article attempts to assist an investor in a technology start-up, to monitor the progress or lack thereof, with time
Standards of Professional Conduct in Venture Capital
Standards Of Professional Conduct In Venture Capital - Professional Skills, standards and ethical conduct in the venture capital industry in Israel
Globalisation of Technology, Venture Lessons from IsraelGlobalisation of Technology, Venture Lessons from Israel
On how to globalise small technology start-ups, based on  Israeli experience. 
Israel. Milk, Honey and Venture Capital
Israel. Milk, Honey and Venture Capital - National and social pre-requisites for the growth of technology, entrepreneurship and VC in Israel
Should Your Next CEO Be A Philosopher?Should Your Next CEO Be A Philosopher? -
About a company's ability to understand the beleif system of its market
The Down Side of Due DiligenceThe Down Side of Due Diligence
The role and contribution of due diligence in the investment decision making process. Good or bad?