Israeli Ventures
BME's Philosophy 

BME Capital Management Ltd. is an Israel-based privately-held company whose business hinges on technology-based entrepreneurship.  Our main line of activity is investment in very young (pre-seed) technology start-ups with an emphasis on the Internet and general IT domains. Our firm was founded and is currently led by Dr. Gideon Tolkowsky, founder of Israel's first venture funds in the 1980's.and a highly successful venture investor.Israeli Technology

Our investment philosophy may be summarized, even if simplistically so, by the belief that no deal is too good to pass on; that the real good deals are those nobody else wanted, as are the real bad ones; and that walking spreadsheets do not make good investors. We always seek in our entrepreneurs leadership, excellence and integrity. Similarly, we seek to establish with our entrepreneurs relationships that are based on mutual trust, respect, and effective communications.

The Israeli market, with its rich start-up history and scope, is  densely populated with advisory or mentoring entities that aim to serve technology start-ups and entrepreneurs. Many of those entities are made of successful entrepreneurs, promising services such as fundraising, business development and general entrepreneurial mentoring. BME  positions itself differently, we are value-adding  pre-seed investors, we are very much aware of the traditional obstacles in the relationships between entrepreneurs and venture-capitalists (almost hostile relationships). We believe we have the tools to overcome many of those obstacles. Also, we do not live off the resource – poor plates of early-stage start-ups . For instance, unlike many advisors/mentors, we do not charge ongoing  fees.  We aim to live off the successes of our pre-seed investments, that is to say (we put our money where our mouth is) we add value primarily by helping entrepreneurs anticipate the road to come, as well as anticipate market reaction to certain new products and services. We have somewhat unique tools to achieve this latter anticipatory objective  of market reaction to new developments.

We prefer to syndicate our investments with other professional investors, private and institutional.