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Crystal Beam Melody

CBM , masters a patented technology of extracting a unique melody out of each and every diamond. 
The technology is based on the discovery that every single diamond has an individual internal crystallographic structure and chemical properties. The melody is created as a laser beam is pointed at the stone, and the one-of-a-kind reflection created can be transformed into a visual & musical effect. Furthermore, the melody created can be individualized and reworked by a skilled musician, hence effectively creating music based on the diamond. Initially, the company began by addressing the low end of the market by selling CD's accompanying diamonds. however, it is currently developing a product that will offer to owners of expensive diamonds,  a stylized Diamond Music Ark.  When the diamond is mounted onto the Ark, the music will be played with a visual fingerprint display. CBM  will address the high-end of the jewellery market, initially the US. The company will offer Diamond Music Arks as centre-pieces in prestigious jewellery stores, and to individual owners of high-end jewellery. CBM was founded by three entrepreneurs; Sir Gabriel S. Tolkowsky, famed in the diamond industry as the most accomplished cutter in the world (Two of his better known works are the Centenary diamond, and the Golden Jubilee), Gideon Tolkowsky, who has participated in the pre-seed financing and  conceiving of the company’s intellectual property (notably, Gemprint Corporation of the US has also contributed to CBM’s base patent), and Uri Tolkowsky, an expert in electro optics and in marketing technology products worldwide.