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The entrepreneur, by definition tries  to accomplish what is considered by others impossible or unlikely. Inevitably, he puts himself in a solitaire situation. At the end of the day, he bears the sole responsibility, not only for himself, but also for the fate of the group of people he leads. These circumstances, put the entrepreneur in a lonely position, day in and day out. This is why, above anything else and more than external capital, the entrepreneur needs an attentive person to understand his problems and lend an ear. An experienced mentor, who will give him practical solutions and will generally guide him through start-up process. Indeed, when looking for an investment, the entrepreneur should make sure the investor can accompany him in this manner, easing his struggle as a lonely leader. 

Planning your business
Business Plan Guidelines 

Guidelines to the entrepreneur for writing a business plan that would meet the requirements of venture capital professional investors 
Board of Directors
Bored of Directors?

Tips on how to construct and manage your start-up's board of directors
Venture Capital, Common Practices
Venture Capital, Common Practices - Familiarize yourself with several common venture capital practices

Raising capital in IsraelTips on raising capital for a start-up business - on common issues encountered by entrepreneurs while seeking equity capital investments

Bottleneck in Israeli Venture Capital

Leadership in Israeli Venture Capital - The bottleneck In Israeli venture capital is not necessarily capital, but leadership