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Entrepreneurs welcome. We thank you for your interest in BME  and appreciate your investment opportunities, should you decide to share them with us. But before you contact us, please take a few minutes and make sure your application is relevant and is properly done. For a start, here are a few general tips regarding raising capital for a start-up business. Further-more, if your not sure about your business plan, here are a few guidelines. Last but not least, make sure you read about us and about our team, before you send us your material (to maximize the effectiveness of your approach, it's important to make an effort to match your business with our fields of interest, track record and professional qualifications) 

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For any inquiries, please fill in the form below. If you wish to submit a business-plan / one-pager, first send us a short description of your start-up. If relevant, we will follow up via email. 

* Please note; we ONLY seek investments in local Israeli start-up companies 

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