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Gideon Tolkowsky, Ph.D., Managing Director at BME Capital

Gideon Tolkowsky

Gideon has over 25 years of venture capital experience in the United States and Israel, He is one of the founders of Israeli venture capital. Among numerous companies Gideon was intimately involved in, he served as Active Chairman of ESC Medical Ltd., from inception to NASDAQ capitalization of over $800M five years later. Similarly, Gideon led the seed investment in, and served as director of M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd., which went public on NASDAQ and was later acquired by Sandisk Inc. for $1.55B. Gideon has a B.Sc. degree in aeronautical engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where he is was later  member of the Board of Governors; Gideon has an MBA from Wharton, where he has served as member of the School’s International Executive Board for Europe, Middle East and Africa and is currently Member Emeritus of Wharton's Combined Global Board; Gideon also has a Ph.D. in history and philosophy from Tel Aviv University. Gideon is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. Alongside his partner Dr. Ariel Levite, Gideon is also Principal of Tolkowsky, Levite Ltd., a company engaged in investment management and advisory services to stakeholders in the nuclear power industry.

Dr. Gideon Tolkowsky is also the author of the book Homage to Stretcher Bearer:
The Human Oscillation Between Two Sensations of Oneness, and the book 
"Flight, Technology and Metaphysics", about the impact of abstract ideas on the historical development of Aeronautics & Astronautics 

Nirit Eshkar Tolkowsky, Director, Finance, G&A at BME Capital

Nirit is Chairman of the Finance Committee and Member of the Board of Governors of the Sapir Academic College. In the past, she has served as Chairwoman and President of the Israeli Psychological Association and was involved in parliamentary legislation in the field. Nirit has extensive hands-on experience in personality assessment, conflict resolution, crisis management and molding of public attitudes. Nirit has an MA degree in psychology, a post-MA diploma in psychotherapy, and has done Ph.D. studies in law. Nirit serves as a Lay Magistrate in the Israeli Court of Labour.

Itai A. Eshkar, Associate,  Marketing & IT at BME Capital 

Itai A. Eshkar is the youngest member of the company, at just under 30 years old. After leaving Israel at the age of 16, he graduated from a a French scientific high school, and continued his  Law & Business studies in London. After a one year experience as a global marketing analyst in a London based marketing company, he decided to return to Israel and join the IDF. As a special ops artillery officer, he was able to develop his management & leadership skills, in addition to his participation in several projects, incorporating new technologies and control mechanisms on a brigade's scale. Nowadays he is in the process of assuming command over 40 officers (Reserve unit). Itai is the companies due diligence analyst, marketing adviser and web designer.